What you need to know from this week on ?The Ultimate Fighter?

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What you need to know from this week on ?The Ultimate Fighter?

Welcome to another installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” season 14 recap. Who wins the prank war? Who wins the fight? Whose car ends up getting towed? Read on for spoilers and a recap.

After the last fight, Diego Brandao started to go slightly insane at Steven Siler. There seemed to be little provocation, but on TUF, there doesn’t need to be provocation.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller stopped by the house to hang with his guys, but more importantly, to figure out who the mole is. He found out it was John Dodson, and decided to mess with him a bit. Instead of giving Brandao the fight he so clearly wants, they will give Dustin Neace a bout with Akira Corassani. However, they continues to make it seem like Siler and Brandao will be the fight.

At the Team Bisping practice, Miller’s plan works out as Bisping’s team discussed that Brandao will have the next fight.

So, do you guys want to read about prank wars? Really? OK. Corassani and Neace’s problems started last week when they messed with each other’s things, but Neace was especially angry when the special, special hat that Mayhem brought him went missing. He retaliated by taking a bunch of Corassani’s food, and throwing it all over the Team Bisping ready room at the training center. This turned into a war of words where Corassani challenged Neace to a fight  “in the garden at 7:00. If he’s a man, he’ll come to the garden!” That’s an amazing sentence.

Their jawing continued right until the fight match-ups, where a whole lot of bleeped out language is uttered. It veers from the misogynistic to the homophobic to just plain nonsensical. Fantastic. When Miller finally announces that they are fighting, they butt heads as they face off, then start fighting.

But wait! It turns into a more ridiculous bar fight. As Miller and Bisping try to break up the fight, one of Miller’s coaches takes exception to Bisping pushing him, and Miller and Bisping start jawing. When it finally all settles down, Miller points out that Brandao vs. Siler will be the second fight.

Side note before the fights: Two of Bisping’s fighters put an “M” for Miller on the handicapped parking spot. Miller then parks in it. That’s disappointing, and karma will get you.

Fight one — Akira Corassani (Team Bisping) vs. Dustin Neace (Team Miller)

Round 1: For two fighters who jawed so much, they spend quite a long time chasing each other around the cage. Finally, Neace tries to throw a back kick, which Corassani caught and used to throw Neace to the ground. After avoiding upkicks, Corassani goes into Neace’s guard. Neace holds off Corassani with good grappling, and then grabs him in a leg lock. Team Miller says that Corassani tapped, but Team Bisping denies it. They return to their feet, and Neace ends it with a takedown.

Round 2: Corassani quickly pushes Neace’s back into the cage, but does not accomplish much in the clinch. The two stand and trade until Corassani knocks Neace down with one punch. Neace goes to the ground and follows with several punches, but they’re ineffective. The fight goes on this way, with Neace holding off Corassani, but Corassani remaining in control, for the rest of the round.

When the final horn sounds, Neace goes to his corner, but Corassani goes over to Neace and dances around, celebrating his (assumed) victory. Neace gets angry and goes after Corassani, but is held back by his coaches. Bisping yells that Miller needs to control his team. Um, Bisping? Remove the plank from your own eye, n’amsayin?

Keith Kizer, the head of the Nevada Athletic Commission, saw enough. He heads into the cage to tell Corassani that if he keeps it up, he will be suspended. Once every is settled down, Corassani’s win is announced.

Team Bisping goes to the parking lot to celebrate and watch Miller’s car get towed. What did I say about karma?

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