Top 3 Martial Arts Tips

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Rich in Martial Arts Tips & Training

Do you want to learn self defense? Are you looking for a few good martial arts tips? The two topics often merge together as good self defense tips come from learning specific martial arts moves.

First, going to martial arts classes is a good move. Martial arts’ training is more defensive than it is offensive. A skilled fighter will tell you they have nothing to prove and can walk away from conflict more often than fighting through. When it comes to self defense, confidence means everything, and classes will help your confidence.

Second, when attacked you cannot panic. A rush of adrenaline is normal and can be beneficial. It can heighten your alertness and increase your focus. But, panic is detrimental causing tunnel vision and difficulty thinking. Classes can help you know what to do. With practice, your body can automatically go through the motion. It is the practice and repetition that kicks in during an attack.

Third, know your strengths. I am a small woman. I know overpowering a large man is not very likely. However, I can bide my time waiting for the perfect moment to strike. This is not easy as the body wants to panic, but I have yet to meet someone who did not leave an opening. During this opening, I attack the eyes, throat, knees, or some other equally weak body point. My size also gives me the element of surprise. Attackers don’t realize I can and will fight back. They normally move on after a swift and well timed strike.

Finally, I cannot say this enough. The Martial arts are not meant to be a weapon. Proper training can lead to more confidence, stronger muscles, and high self-esteem. In the unfortunate situation where you are attacked, the martial arts provide a way to defend yourself.

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