Styles of Martial Arts

Posted on October 21st, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Styles

There are many styles of martial arts today and most, if not all came into existence from a traditional martial arts discipline or style. China plays a key role in the development of many old school traditional martial arts styles that gave birth to the newer styles we see practiced today.

For example the Chinese styles such as Chinese boxing, kenpo, kung fu and gung fu played a major role in the development of the martial arts. Today we enjoy such arts as jeet kune do the style created by the late Bruce Lee which is a combination of kung fu, Chinese boxing, western boxing and wing chun. Chinese martial arts made their way over to the islands of Okinawa through Okinawa’s ports which were open to trade with China. Thus the birth of Okinawa te or tode. Many ryu’s or styles were born on Okinawa and are still practiced today. Japan was introduce to this empty hand art when an Okinawa master named Gichin Funakoshi relocated to Japan and taught his new system which he called Kara (empty) Te (hand).

The rebirth of Korea’s martial arts. Today we enjoy many Korean martial arts such as tang soo do and tae kwon do which evolved during Japans occupation of Korea during WW 2. Korean arts like hap ki do were born from Japanese Jujitsu. Korea yudo was born from Japanese Judo.

The Modern UFC style was born from Japanese jujitsu and Brazilian jujitsu. With it first introduction traditional karate fighters had difficulty adapting to the ground fighting and soon discovered a need for ground defense.

Today we see mixed martial arts, electric systems, new created systems with western founders but they all have one thing in common. A link back to history of a time long ago and a system of unarmed self defense that stood the test of time.

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