ROUNDTABLE: How does The Korean Zombie stack up against UFC 149’s Jose Aldo and Erik Koch?

Posted on May 20th, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Resources


Given his improvement and Tuesday night’s performance, how do you see The Korean Zombie faring against Jose Aldo or Erik Koch in a title fight later this year?


You’re asking me? The guy who earlier this week said, and I quote, “I think Poirier is going to win. I think he’s going to make it look easy, and I think it’s either going to be a choke or a convincing decision…” and you want my opinion? Well, fat lot of good that will do. I took the safe route on Poirier vs. Zombie, towing the populous opinion, and look how well that worked out. Well, I’m going to follow what is likely the majority view yet again. I think Aldo beats him to a pulp, and I think Koch vs. Zombie would be a coin-flip of a war.


I might be a prisoner of the moment, but I could easily see Zombie beating Koch and having a good chance at beating Aldo. It’s amazing all the different things he does well. He’ll stand and bang with you, then rip off a slick submission before you can blink. He’s proving himself more and more with each fight. I just wish he had a bigger stage to showcase himself on.


I’m a huge fan of The Korean Zombie, as he has shown much improvement from each fight we’ve seen of his. He’s an unlikely hero, but being a good and entertaining fighter translates well for fans of MMA. That being said, his chances do not look good, as I don’t see Erik Koch beating Jose Aldo, and TKZ is no match for Aldo. If (and when) he fights Aldo, he’ll take the beating of a great challenger, but no match for that level of fighter.


As good as The Korean Zombie was this past Tuesday, I feel like he is not at the level of either Jose Aldo or Erik Koch. I think a fight between Erik Koch and The Korean Zombie would be highly entertaining. I also think Koch would win convincingly. As for a fight with Jose Aldo, I think it would be a one sided beating. Very few fighters match up well against Aldo?s game and The Korean Zombie is no different. I think that The Korean Zombie would be better served with another fight or two before getting the next title shot.


Chan showed great technical ability. He did start to gas out but we all know that is Jose’s weakness as well. For some reason I just can’t get the picture of Mark Hominick beating Jose Aldo like a drum as their fight ended, as Jose couldn’t do anything about it. Which means its a fight that’ll come down to skill and toughness. I have to go with Aldo over the Zombie simply because his skill level, athleticism and more importantly his fighting ability is so much better than Chan Sun Jung’s. This fight will not go the distance. You will not see a decision. You’ll see a KO by Jose Aldo somewhere between the second and fourth rounds. This fight shouldn’t take place for a while. I’d like to see the Zombie beat just a couple more top guys before even thinking about Aldo.


There is no question this was a career best for The Zombie. We have recently had both a knockout and submission to go in the highlight reel now followed up by a Fight Of The Year contender. Some fella that Zombie!

Eric Koch will be a force to be reckoned with in the future – that’s for sure – but he won’t get past Aldo so it’s Aldo vs. Zombie for the title. In all honesty, as impressed as I was how dominant Jung was against Poirier (in every aspect) I dont see him lasting with Aldo as much as I would like him to.

I’m a big fan, but the Zombie will be knockout within two rounds of this fight. @MMATorchUK


He was superb Tuesday night and I loved the fight, it is easily my fight of the year so far. Beating the highly rated Dustin Poirier was a great accomplishment, but Jose Aldo is on a completely different level to everyone else in the division. Let’s be honest, this question only needed to reference Jose Aldo because we all know deep down that Erik Koch isn’t going to win their fight, and the same rule applies for The Korean Zombie. Aldo is in a league of his own, and I can’t see anyone in the division who has the game and fighting style to get anywhere near the Brazilian. Not Erik Koch, not Hatsu Hioki, and not The Korean Zombie.


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