Martial Arts: Safety First!

Posted on April 16th, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Resources, Martial Arts Tips & Training

As with any sport, injuries can be expected when performing martial arts. Martial arts is a contact sport, after all. However, there certainly are ways to minimize these risks.

You can minimize injuries to yourself by always stretching out. Whether your instuctor starts the class out with a warm up or not, this is your responsibility. Never rush into a class without stretching out first. Take the few minutes to warm up the muscles. You’ll be thankful in the morning that you did!

Next, they do make great sports protective gear. There are face masks of all makes and models. Some are open face, while others have a grill rivaling a football helmet. All are soft padded that cover the ears, forehead and top of head. You can find chest pads, for guys and girls, shin guards, men’s jock straps and cups, forearm pads and shin guards, too. All of the gear is specifically designed to enable the wearer to maintain full range of movement and affords comfort.

Last, watch who you are playing against The greatest gift you can get is to be new and put up against a black belt. By the time a person reaches black belt, they should have exquisite control. That means that while you may be intimidated by going up against a black belt, you are certain they will have your best interest in mind. They are there to teach you, not one up you, as somebody newer may be. Don’t be afraid to ask to be put with an experienced martial artist, either.

Safety is always worth the effort. A few moments spared to stretch, a few dollars spent to cover and a watchful eye will allow you years of enjoyment in martial arts.

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