Martial Arts = fun and fit!

Posted on January 5th, 2018 by Rich in Martial Arts Resources

Martial art Classes are a great way to get fit. The classes involve more than just punching and kicking. It’s a perfect workout for total mind and body.

The classes involve stretching, cardio, weight training and balance. First, martial art classes start out stretching to warm up those muscles. Then progress into a series of punches and kicks, repeated over and over. Talk about a great cardio work out. By the time you add in the katas (forms), you’re really working up a sweat. When you start working on sparring, you’re really pushing the cardio. Throws and falls bring in the weight training portion you would expect to gain from a gym. Throws and falls also start focusing on balance, as does the joint-locks.

Whether you’re doing ground defense, kicks, punches, blocks, katas, throws, falls or joint-locks, martial art classes work every muscle in your body. By attending classes twice a week, you are getting the benefits you would by going to the gym and doing cardio twice a week.

If you really get into martial arts, you will find yourself practicing at home or coming in early to use floor space in class. This is bonus exercise time. Funny how you might struggle to find time to go to the gym, but you can squeeze in 10 minutes of kata work at home. Now put it together: 2 nights a week of at least an hour of class, plus the at home practice time. While you’re having fun, you’re working out. You won’t realize how much time you’re spending working out. You’re getting tone and fit while enjoying the benefits of learning martial arts

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