Health, safety, self confidence are just a few benefits from Martial Arts

Posted on January 13th, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Tips & Training

There are numerous benefits to doing martial arts. The benefits vary from health to self confidence to safety. Just about everyone could benefit from doing martial arts.

With health concerns on the rise, martial arts are the natural solution. The katas (forms) are a series of moves one does and learns by memory. The katas alone require stretching out, movement and memory. This improves muscle elasticity, range of motion, hand-eye coordination and preserves brain function by memorizing. There are a few concerns about getting bumps and bruises in class, but the benefits outweigh any of the concerns.

There is something to be said about having self confidence. It carries over from martial arts class to every aspect of the student’s life. When you first start class, I recommend video taping the student. Then six short months later, do it again. Compare the two. You will find that it may look like the same person, but the way they carry themselves is completely different. When you have self confidence, you hold your head high and are more positive. Perfect strangers will even notice it. Self confidence is priceless.

Safety is of utmost importance. People join martial art classes for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, sometimes they’ve been victimized already. Martial art classes put the power back into those victims’ hands. For those that haven’t been victimized, it’s a precautionary step to enlighten. Should a situation arise, you will know exactly what to do and be able to do it.

Martial art classes are a well rounded program that I suggest to everyone. There are too many benefits to list. Given the chance to join a class, you will find what a personal journey this is and how it can bring you great joy in ways you never expected. Join one today!

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