Dustin Poirier Open To Title Talks With Win Over Chan-Sung Jung

Posted on May 17th, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Resources

By <a href="mailto:howie@mmanews.com">Chris Howie</a> <Br>
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Dustin Poirier is rising up the UFC featherweight ranks and could see himself in title contention with a win next week over Chan-Sung Jung when the two meet at UFC on FUEL TV 3 Tuesday night and spoke about taking advantage of situations this week while talking to MMAWeekly Radio:<Br><Br>

?Sometimes I think about it. Like, just a couple fights ago if I had said I?m finishing fights, and I?m beating good guys; I want a title shot. I could have said that after I beat Pablo Garza. I just want to learn and be ready. When it?s my time to fight for the belt, I want to be ready. I want to take full advantage it,? Poirier told MMAWeekly Radio.<Br><Br>

Poirier recognized the dangers in fighting and just how quickly a fight can derail you:<BR><Br>

?It?s dangerous sometimes. What if one of those knees or punches would have slipped through and caught me on the chin when I fought a new guy like Max Holloway? Some fights are dangerous. The media might have built it like that, the guy didn?t have a bunch of fights, nobody knew who he was, but I knew he was dangerous and I knew he was hungry,? said Poirier.

?So it was just as dangerous as if I was fighting him or the Korean Zombie. Every fight I learn so much.?<Br><br>

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