Dana White says the “feeling is mutual” on Rampage Jackson’s upcoming UFC exit

Posted on May 8th, 2012 by Rich in Martial Arts Resources

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been very vocal in the past several months about his desire to leave the UFC. He’s got one fight left on his contract, but once that fight is finished he plans on bolting as quickly as he can, and the UFC isn’t stopping him.

Rampage went on a rant on HDNet’s Inside MMA earlier this week on the subject, continuing to air his grievances with the organization, and referring to the wrestling based fighters he had faced in the Octagon “cowards.”

For UFC President Dana White, he’s as ready as anyone to have the saga come to its end later this year.

“I’ll have a conversation with Rampage and think we’re cool and then I’ll read other stuff. Rampage is obviously not happy with the UFC,” White commented on Thursday following the pre-fight press conference for UFC on Fox 3 (transcribed by MMAWeekly.com).

“No big deal brother, you don’t want to be here anymore.”

White’s also a little tired of hearing Jackson’s complaints about the money he’s made in the UFC, and he said they’ve treated him more than fairly.

“As far as money goes, everybody needs to make more money. That’s human nature,” he said. “We’ve never screwed anybody over, including Rampage.”

“You want to talk about a guy we went to bat for. We’ve gone to bat for him many times. I feel like (expletive) [Derek] Jeter when it comes to Rampage.”

Ultimately, White made it very clear that whatever sentiment Jackson is sending towards the UFC is how they’re feeling towards him these days.

“If he’s unhappy with us, doesn’t like us, and doesn’t want to be with us anymore, then the feeling is mutual.”

Penick’s Analysis: The relationship between Rampage and the UFC has been steadily deteriorating for some time, and it’s very possible things could get ugly heading into his final fight. It’s getting there a little already, at least from Rampage’s side, and obviously White isn’t wanting to deal with it anymore himself. In addition to White, I’m sure most are tired of hearing about it from Rampage as well. His final UFC fight can’t come soon enough.

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